BRIEF HISTORY

John D. Rockefeller was the most important shareholder of Standard Oil, that was founded in 1879. The following years his company took over several other oil companies and in 1900 Standard Oil Co. was dominating the oil industry.  In 1911 the US Supreme Court ruled the anti-trust law and Standard Oil was forced to split into 31 smaller companies. After the split the following companies were the most important in 1911:

Standard Oil of New Jersey(ESSO), Standard Oil of New York (Socony), Standard Oil of Indiana (Stanolind-Amoco), Standard Oil of Kentucky (Kyso), Standard Oil of California (Socal-Chevron), Standard Oil of Ohio (Sohio), Atlantic en Continental Oil (Conoco).

In 2010, after several acquisitions and fusions, the most important petrolcompanies are:

                   BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Conoco Philips, Shell en Sunoco.                                           

Sun Oil Co. was founded in 1886. The name Sunoco is used since 1928
Mergers Sun Oil Co.: Sunray DX oil (1968), Atlantic (East) (1988)
 BP (British Petroleum) was founded  in 1886.                                                 
 Acquisitions of BP: Standard Oil of Indiana-Amoco (1998), Standard Oil of Ohio-Sohio (1987), Atlantic-Arco (2000) en Refiners Oil (1931).          Former acquisitions of St.Oil of Indiana-Amoco: Pan-Am (1925), American Oil (1925), Vico-Pep (1928), St.Oil of Nebraska (1939) en St. Oil of Kansas (1930).   Former acquisitions of  St.Oil of Ohio-Sohio: Fleet Wing (1913).Former acquisitions of Atlantic-Arco: Richfield (1966), Sinclair (1969) and Union Texas Petr. (1988).


Standard Oil of California (Socal). Mergers: St.Oil of Kentucky-Kyso (1961),in 1984 Gulf (founded in 1901), 
Texaco (1984). Union Oil Co. of California -Unocal (2005).
Former mergers of  Texaco  (founded in 1901): Indian Oil Co. (1931), Tydol (1984),  Skelly Oil (1984).
Former merge of Unocal ( founded in 1890): Pure Oil (1965).

EXXON-MOBIL became the new name after the merge of Esso and Mobil. In 1972 the name Esso changed into Exxon.
Acquisitions of  Exxon (Esso): Carter (1917), Humble  (1919), St.Oil of Pennsylvania (1928), St.Oil of Louisiana (1944), Pate (1956), Oklahoma Oil (1959).
Acquisitions of Mobil: Magnolia (1925), Independent (1934), Metro  (1934), Gilmore (1940), Superior (1984), Vacuum Oil (1931).
Former acquisitions of  Vacuum: Wadhams (1929), White Star (1930), White Eagle (1930)
ConocoPhilips became the new name in 2001 for Continental Oil Co. (Conoco)  and Phillips Petroleum Co.(founded in 1917)
Acquisitions of Conoco: Marland Oil (1929), Western Oil (1951)
Acquisitions of  Phillips Petr. Co.: Tidewater Oil -Tydol (west)(1966), Getty-Flying A (1969), Colonial Oil (2000)

In 1890 the Koninklijke Nederlandse Petroleum  Maatschappij (Koninklijke Olie) was founded. In 1907 they cooperate with the British Shell Co.( transporter of shells) and the name became Royal Dutch Shell Group . Shell participated  in the USA in 1915  via Shell Co. in Californie.

Acquisitions of Shell: Mexican Eagle (1918), South Penn Oil-Pennzoil (2000), Crown (2006)



Cities Service Company was created in 1910